WOOP Productions

Water vs Fire: Menno vs Lil G BTS

Putting a breakdancer on fire sounds like fun..

… that was Philippe’s first reaction when he first got the phone call from Red Bull for the Water vs Fire project.

We had the opportunity to work with two world class breakdance champions, Menno & Lil G, for the viral clip Water vs Fire by Red Bull. It was a challenge to put Lil G on fire and Menno under artificial rain while they where dancing.
With the help of a professional stunt crew for the firework, some special VFX guys for the rain, an ambulance and some firemen on stand by, we had one of the most intense and interesting film shoots we did so far.
Our goal was to coordinate their moves with the elements and to get the right angles to capture the action.
Philippe drew the storyboard, created the storyline and directed the shooting on set.

Photos: Leo Rosas

“It’s a battle of the elements as BC One All Stars Menno, dancing in water, and Lil G, dancing while on fire, have the most visually stunning dance-off.” Red Bull

Seeing the hand drawn pictures of the storyboard becoming alive was something magical to our eyes. To imagine something, putting it on paper and then having a whole team putting in the effort to make it real is what we work and strive for.
Florence handled one of the three main cameras and Johan shot the behind the scenes footage.
We will never forget when Lil G was flying through the air and got lit up during his moves by the special VFX guy. “Fire in the hole” has a whole new meaning for us now :).