WOOP Productions


A young man who was born severely deaf faced exclusion from society from his early days on. He was bullied by his peers, branded a fool by his teachers, and locked away in a basement during his first job at a bank—but Robin Gillon found his way through, all thanks to skiing.

I had a crazy dream, and a lot of people thought I wouldn’t achieve it. Well, I’ll keep fighting and won’t let go until I’ve shown the world everything I’ve got, until I’ve achieved everything I can achieve.
Robin Gillon

In 2017 we where approached by Robin to make a nice ski movie with beautiful images. But as soon as we started to talk with Robin and his family, it was clear for us that we had to tell Robin’s life story. His struggle to enter the society and the way he was treated by teachers was so intense and breathtaking that we had to make the film about him. And not only skiing.


However, when Robin dropped off the Schilthorn and missed the landing area, we thought the project was over.
After shaping the whole day to get a nice kicker and a decent landing we where stoked and ready to cover his first attempt of jumping off the Schilthorn.
But Robin had one of his worst impacts by hitting his knee in his face. Luckily, no bones were broken and Robin did another attempt the next day. This is when he stuck the landing.
However, on our side things didn’t go as planned because we crashed the drone with the Red camera on it. Nevertheless, we got the shot.

If you don’t risk your gear you won’t get great shots 🙂

Photos: Philip Kessler, Nicole Schafer

During the first two days of shooting, we faced technical issues. The gear did not work properly and we had various struggles all the time. We did not have one single usable shot besides Robin’s drop. With two more days to shoot we had to use every opportunity to get what was needed.
The team spirit, the positive mindset and Robin’s will and effort made it possible to finalise the movie.
The result is an emotional rollercoaster about Robin’s life.

Have a look at the BTS flick to see what we went through.