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World Final Announcement – Making Of

Have a look behind the scenes of the World Final Clip shooting – simply amazing! 🇨🇭💪

Gepostet von Red Bull BC One am Montag, 12. März 2018

“From the streets to the top of the world” The slogan for Red Bull BC One 2018. 
In January and February of 2018, the WOOP crew had the opportunity to film with breakdancers on the Matterhorn and at the Schilthorn (better known as Piz Gloria from the James Bond movie).
When Philippe got the call with this slogan, his answer was short and simple: Let’s put a breakdancer on top of the Matterhorn at 4478 meter over sea level and let him do a freeze.
They said yes… so we did it.
With the help of Air Zermatt, two mountain guides and the Red Bull Switzerland Team we managed to pull off the stunt in a twenty minute window before the weather changed and heavy snowstorms covered Switzerland for several weeks.
You may think this is a made up story, but it actually happened.

Photos: Philip Kessler

B-Boy Junior has never been in the mountains. But he wasn’t scared to get rappelled from the helicopter on top of the Matterhorn.
The thin air and the cold temperature of -20 degrees Celsius did not stop him from doing his freeze.
The helicopter pilot joked and said: Let’s hope he won’t freeze on the mountain…
He proved everybody wrong who did not believe in him wrong.
Maybe when his wife told him beforehand that if he didn’t pull it off he would be a wimp, it may have helped motivate him.
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