WOOP Productions


The plan to get the shot was to hike 4 hours up a 1500m ascent, with 5 cameras.
We hiked up,  nut when we tried to shoot Géraldine, she was so fast that we all missed the shots.
Then we had to hike back down for 3 hours.
That was one of the first experiences we made when we had the opportunity to work with Géraldine Fasnacht. A wing suit pilot, with a pro snowboarder background.
On the first day of shooting we went on the highest peak of Switzerland. The Dufourspitze. Never before had we been so high up in the mountains for a film project. It was our first experience to use crampons, getting rigged to a helicopter and we flew our drones in very thin air. Shooting some wing suit action is a dimension of its own. You only have split-seconds to catch the action. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Photos: April Bencze