WOOP Productions

Behind The Scenes with Manchester United

Twenty minutes per player was the timeframe we had to pull off 16 green-screen shots per player. When we first heard that, we thought they were kidding us. But they were not. They asked us if we could do it. „Yes! Sure we can!“ was our answer.

A several month long preparation of storyboarding, planing and reflection led to a final shooting day with 40-50 people on set. From the crew, only the main director and the two assistant directors were allowed to talk to the Manchester United players. The challenge we had was that we did not know if the players were going to come one after the other, two together or even all three at the same time. So we had to be ready and be prepared for each possible situation. The result was that we had three green-screens, with three camera-crews and three directors. Leaving nothing to chance. Due to the perfect planning and the great teamwork, we managed to get all the shots we needed. Even when suddenly there were five players on set instead of three and the players’ assistant telling us that the twenty minutes included the styling and the hair & make up, we made it.

Photos: Philip Kessler, Florence Gross