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Sound Of Silence

A young man born severely deaf faced exclusion from society from his early days on. He was bullied by his peers, branded a fool by his teachers, and locked away in a basement at his first job at a bank—but Robin Gillon found his way through, all thanks to skiing.

Year 2018

Director Philippe Woodtli

Starring Robin Gillon, Monique van der Roer, Luke Gillon

“Sound of Silence is one of the most memorable and powerful ski films I’ve seen in years. Thanks to its heart wrenching and heart warming story, complemented by a profound and positive message, it brought both tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. Anyone, whether they ski or not, should take the time to watch and learn from it.” —Jeff Schmuck, Editor of Forecast Ski Magazine / Head Judge of the iF3 Festival 

The Mountain Within

A journey that takes the spectator on the tracks of Géraldine Fasnacht. What goes on in the mind of a woman who wants to fly from the highest peak of Switzerland?

Year 2016

Director Philippe Woodtli

Starring Géraldine Fasnacht

Winner: Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017
Finalist: Blue2Blue Drone & Action Camera Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: New York City Drone Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: London Drone Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Los Angeles Movie Awards
Official Selection: Twin Rivers Media Festival 2017


Acrophobia – I’m afraid of heights

When it comes to BASE jumping and wingsuit flying, most people think about videos of daredevils risking their lives. Most actual BASE jumpers however see it differently.

They are not crazy. For them, responsibility and safety is most important. Acrophobia is a short film about a BASE jumper who is afraid of heights.

Year 2016

Director Philippe Woodtli

Starring Bob Draijer, Martijn Maas, Andrew Toyer, Marco Schultz, Jochem van Kesteren

Winner: Narrative / Statement / Cause. Bay Area Drone Film Festival 2016
Winner: Drone IFF Bulgaria 2016
Finalist: Blue2BlueDrone And Action Camera Film Festival Australia 2016
Official Selection: New York Drone Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: 2016 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival
Official Selection: Mountainfilm International Filmfestival Graz 2016

Official Selection: Dutch Mountain Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: London Drone Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Film & Photo DroneFestival Belgium 2016
Official Selection: DC Adventure Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Main Outdoor Film Festival
Official Selection: Adventure Outdoor Fest 2016

Official Selection: 43e Coupe Icare St. Hilaire du Touvent-Lumbin 2016
Official Selection: Action/Adventure Film & Screenplay Festival 2016
Official Selection: Festival du Film Professionel de Drone Nantes 2016
Official Selection: Action / Crime Feedback Film Festival Canada 2016
Official Selection: On the Edge Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Rise of the Drones Film Festival 2016